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Providing small businesses the solutions to mobile, web and visual design problems.

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Websites, eCommerce, Marketing & Support Services

We provide a simple and effective way to create or enhance your online presence.

Your business needs to have a solid online presence that matches your goals and helps grow your audience. We enjoy working with small businesses and companies to help them meet their goals with affordable, strategic websites that get up and running quickly. It’s as important to make a good online impression with your customers as it is in person. We can make that happen.

Providing Solutions To Web Challenges

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eCommerce & Shopping Cart

Need help building or updating an online store?

We know how to get the best solutions to your eCommerce and online store requirements. Whether you need a new web store, update a current website or add Amazon, eBay or Walmart marketplaces as sales opportunities, we can provide the technical development to get your online presence just how you want it. 

If you are having trouble getting your current online store working the way you want, contact us to handle it. This will let you focus on your business – not your website. We can provide help modifying just about any online store, from Shopify and Square to WordPress and others.

We specialize in creating an impressive online presence for your online store, allowing your business to reach its fullest potential!

Selling on your site, Amazon, eBay, Walmart can be challenging. We can help you navigate these opportunities and help build your site and multi-channel sales outlets to get the best results.

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Responsive Web Design

We design your site to automatically resize to any device, providing ease-of-use and enhanced usability for your customers. Our sites always use responsive web technology, so customers have a good user experience whether they’re on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Multi-Channel Sales

Along with setting up your retail store with an advanced PoS (Point of Sale) system, we can help you show your products in multiple marketplaces to generate more sales. Your online store can integrate with your Facebook Page, eBay or Amazon store.

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Content Management System (CMS)

Each site will have its own CMS to allow changes to your content easily. This allows you, the store owner, to update and add content easily. It also gives you control over pricing and discounts to run sales on your site!

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Case Studies

How we can help

We love working with small to medium-sized businesses to create or update their website, eCommerce store or sell in online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Your business needs to have a solid online presence that matches your goals and helps grow your audience. gdavisdesign helps businesses meet their goals with affordable, strategic websites that get up and running quickly. If you currently use a website or eCommerce service, we can help with development on those websites and eCommerce stores, too. We also offer other services like guidance and assistance with Facebook and Google ads, along with website SEO. From designing the look of your site to making sure your site is SEO compliment, we take care of the details.


  • Responsive web design
  • Amazon and eBay store design
  • Mobile app design
  • Print brochures & advertisements
  • eCommerce

  • Responsive web store
  • Amazon Seller integration
  • Multi-channel sales
  • eCommerce thru social media
  • Branding

  • Logo creation
  • Styleguides
  • Branding strategy
  • UX/UI overview
  • Consultation

  • Review your current website
  • Website SEO and Local search options
  • Social media integration
  • Interactive brochure creation
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    Let us help you enhance your online presence by creating or redesigning your website or eCommerce store to match your goals and help grow your audience. Our approach looks at all avenues to best build your business and find new customers. Please contact us with an overview of your project and we will get back to you ASAP.

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